Morocco, Niger to Promote Bilateral Cooperation in Transport, Logistics

Rabat - Morocco's Minister of Transport and Logistics Mohamed Abdeljalil, and his Nigerien counterpart Colonel Major Salissou Mahaman Salissou, discussed, here Monday, the means to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of transport and logistics. The meeting took place as part of strengthening South-South cooperation relations, consolidated by the Atlantic Initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, which aims to promote access to the Atlantic Ocean for Sahel States. During this meeting, the two ministers praised the excellence of bilateral cooperation relations, expressing their willingness to further promote them, namely in the transport sector, through establishing a working committee in charge of developping a general framework for technical cooperation, with the aim of exchanging expertise and capacity building in this field. Emphasis was also placed on prioritising road safety as a key area for joint work, by extending Morocco's National Road Safety Agency's (NARSA) expertise to Niger, as well a s Morocco's experience in airport and civil aviation sectors. In a statement to the press following the meeting, Mahaman Salissou mentionned discussions on opportunities for access to the Atlantic seaboard offered by the port of Dakhla, currently under construction, expressing pride in the fact 100% of the works on this port infrastructure are carried out by Moroccan experts. He also thanked Morocco for its support for Niger, which has embarked since June 2023 on a new momentum aimed at preserving the dignity of the people of Niger. For his part, Abdeljalil affirmed that his department is fully prepared to lend a helping hand to this sister country, particularly in the field of transport, recalling that, following High Royal Instructions, the Kingdom has made available its road, rail and port facilities to the countries of the Sahel. The Minister also extended an invitation to his Nigerien counterpart to attend the 4th World Road Safety Conference, which will be held in February 2025 in Marrakech. Last F riday, the Nigerien minister took part in the 7th Morocco Today Forum (MTF), placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse