GAC MOTOR Brings Award Winning Vehicles to the Riyadh AutoVille 2022

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — January 8-14, 2022 saw GAC MOTOR’s first large event of the year: Riyadh AutoVille!

The event comes just before the third anniversary of the opening of GAC MOTOR’s Riyadh showroom, which will be celebrated on January 27 with further events that acknowledge the vital importance of this key location for GAC MOTOR vehicle sales and face-to-face service.

This year, GAC MOTOR will open another Middle Eastern showroom, in Abu Dhabi in the UAE (April), and release the GS8, one of the brand’s most impressive and advanced vehicles.

GAC MOTOR Models | On the World Stage

The Riyadh AutoVille 2022, boasting 300,000 visitors, is one of the most influential auto shows in the Middle East. GAC MOTOR shared the stage with many world-famous car brands, in a fantastic branding and sales opportunity that lays a strong foundation for the rest of 2022.

As well as gaining the attention of visitors and media, AutoVille was a fantastic chance for GAC MOTOR to have its models compete alongside those of world-famous automobile brands.

Many well-known auto industry opinion leaders and reporters were also in attendance, and GAC MOTOR, in partnership with our Saudi Arabian dealerships, received extensive attention, a great help in increasing brand reach.

GAC MOTOR’s luxury lineup of display models included the GS8, GS5, All New GS4, GA8, All New GA6 and other popular models that have been introduced into the Middle East market, as well as the upcoming GN8 Master Edition and the stunning Shadow Leopard EMPOW.

The Shadow Leopard EMPOW was unveiled in the exhibition hall, accompanied by a host of on-site interactive activities for the present audience. Souvenir gifts were handed out, and viewers were invited to experience the amazing technology and quality intrinsic to a GAC MOTOR vehicle. Many shared photos on social media.

With core technology powered by independent R&D, GAC MOTOR models are taking their place on the world stage, demonstrating the growing power of Chinese brands.

Saudi Arabia has one of the highest per capita automobile consumption figures in the world, and is a crucial export market for GAC MOTOR. AutoVille 2022 is an important engine for growth and branding in the Middle East, and an event that builds a strong foundation for 2022.

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