Firm restates commitment to redefining PR in Nigeria

The Creative Intelligence Group (CI Group), a media and content consultancy firm, says it is reshaping the landscape of public relations in Nigeria by combining extensive experience with innovative strategies. Its Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Femi Odewunmi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos. He said that the firm aims to provide tailored services to organisations, emphasising reputation management, awareness enhancement and fostering meaningful connections. 'CI-PR is leveraging CI Group's robust capabilities, CI-PR will deliver strategic solutions that encompass media relations, digital engagement, and content creation, all tailored to align with clients' business development and lead generation goals,' he said. He underscored the role of media strategy and public relations in organisational growth. Odewunmi explained, 'At CI Group, we excel in pinpointing the most effective ways to influence the stakeholders crucial to our clients. 'With the introduction of CI-PR, we are enhancing our ability to help organisations grow and safeguard their reputations. 'Our goal is to ensure they are seen positively, address relevant issues, and attract new opportunities.' Odewunmi said that CI-PR extends CI Group's core strengths into comprehensive media relations solutions that not only establish client thought leadership and build trust but also secure strategic media placements to elevate organisational profiles. 'Additional offerings now include media sentiment monitoring and predictive analysis to better anticipate market trends and public reactions, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead in their public relations strategies,' he said. Source: News Agency of Nigeria