Convoy Responds to Disasters & Crises Around the World

As natural and humanitarian crises are affecting millions of people, Convoy of Hope is answering the call to help. Convoy is working in more than a dozen areas that are experiencing a major crisis.

East Africa

Drought and famine-like conditions led to the current crisis in parts of East Africa. “We have learned that if we address the problem before it becomes a catastrophic event, the odds of families surviving increases,” says Convoy’s Bryan Burr. “We have already implemented several projects to help mitigate the effects of food insecurity that are plaguing East Africa.”


From not enough rain, to too much, Convoy is responding to flooding around the world. In Australia, the states of Queensland and New South Wales have experienced torrential rains. The city of Brisbane has received 80% of its typical rainfall in three days.

“This is said to be the worst disaster since 2011,” one Convoy team member explained. “Most residents were caught off guard when it all hit. More than 40,000 people were forced to evacuate, and there have been 10 people reported dead.”

In the midst of so much loss, Convoy of Hope is thankful for its partners who help distribute life-savings supplies.

“In the Philippines, we have had 172 fatalities attributed to Tropical Storm Megi,” said Convoy of Hope’s Neemias Cortes. “Convoy is helping some 2,000 families with meals. We’ve also been able to provide tarps and flashlights through a local church.”


After an extended period of severe rainfall, Venezuela’s Chama River began flooding the village of La Fortuna.

“There is so much hardship,” said Convoy’s Chris Dudley. “The Chama River has flooded the streets of the village and surrounding areas of La Fortuna. After weeks of continual rain, flash flooding brought rocks, debris, trees, and mud from avalanches on this entire region. At least 54,000 families have been affected by this natural disaster.”

Convoy of Hope and its partners quickly sprang into action. Convoy’s partners purchased and distributed bulk food items, hygiene items, and household items, to more than 1,500 Venezuelans in need throughout this response.

Source: Convoy of Hope

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