Inaugural World Badminton Day To Be Celebrated On July 5

The first-ever World Badminton Day is to be celebrated on July 5 this year, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced Friday.

The celebrations, held in recognition of the significant founding date of the International Badminton Federation (now BWF) almost 88 years ago on July 5, 1934, are set to be held annually.

BWF president Poul-Erik Hoyer said World Badminton Day provides a unique opportunity for badminton fraternities to simultaneously celebrate and promote the sport.

“I am excited to follow the various World Badminton Day activities and to observe their impact on our sport globally,” he said in a statement.

BWF added that national badminton federations, clubs, communities, and badminton fans globally are encouraged to organise their own celebrations.

Among the events suggested includes world record attempts, shuttle time courses or competitions, fun competitions, free badminton lessons, exhibitions, badminton festivals, coaching courses and community events.

Individuals or organisations interested in organising activities in conjunction with World Badminton Day can register their events at the


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