Couple appeals for support to raise quadruplets

A civil servant, Mr Ugochukwu Nwogute and his wife, Vivian have appealed to the First Lady, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu and well-meaning Nigerians for support in raising their quadruplets. The couple, who gave birth to the four babies in a private hospital in Kubwa, Abuja on May 21, made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja. Speaking with NAN in the hospital, Mrs Nwogute, said she got married in 2015 and had her first daughter on Nov. 5, 2016. 'After years of waiting, I became pregnant in Sept. 2023 and was delivered of three boys and one girl through caesarean section at Vinca hospital, Arab Road, Kubwa, Abuja, on May 21. 'When I was told I was going to have multiple babies, it was a mixed feeling for me. 'Mixed feelings, because I was not expecting it, but was happy because we have waited for years after our first daughter. So, we were hoping on God and praying and God did more than we expected,'' she said. She added that the hospital billed them about N1.7 milli on in the first instance, which they were still running around to pay. 'The babies eat two hourly, they consume almost half of their Pre NAN formula which we were asked to feed them with, and a tin costs N10, 000. 'We also have follow ups because the paediatrician said after we have been discharged, we are expected to be bringing the babies to the hospital weekly for check up,' she said On the babies' health, Mrs Nwogute said that they were responding to treatment, adding that her recovery was gradual. 'I am getting stronger because I have relapses. For example, last night I was cold all through and I have treated malaria and because of that, I cannot breastfeed my babies the way I am expected to,'' she said. The husband appealed to the government to come to their aid, financially and in the area of accommodation for a bigger apartment that can be convenient for the family. 'The journey has not been easy, taking care of a heavily pregnant woman and the only daughter we had eight years back. 'When the b abies came, I was not expecting such a number, but I give glory to God for the marvelous thing He has done for us. 'My appeal to the government and well meaning Nigerians is for them to come to our aid. 'We need financial support to take care of the babies as well as, in the area of accommodation, because the apartment we are currently occupying cannot contain us anymore,' he said. Nwogute, specifically appealed to the First Lady, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu, to see the quadruplets as anniversary gifts to the administration of President Bola Tinubu. He, urged Mrs Tinubu, the FCT Minister of State, Dr Mariya Mahmud as well as the wife of the FCT Minister, Mrs Eberechi Wike, to render assistance to his family On his part, Dr Chiemezie Odera, an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist at the hospital said it would not be easy, taking care of the children as they would need more hands for their care because the mother would not be able to do it all alone. Odera, therefore, urged the general public to support the couple so as to take good care of the babies. 'Most importantly is care and support after delivery. Any woman that has more than one baby, needs more hands to help out because she might go into depression if you allow her to stay without care. 'So, we encourage that they have support, people should be around them to help in taking care of the children,'' he reiterated. The obstetrician said that it would not always be easy for the woman as her breast milk would not be enough for the babies. According to him, Vinca hospital has been doing well in the area of maternal care, and the facility have had series of multiple birth. Talking about the weight of the babies, he said, for the fact that they might not have weight like single birth, but they were still strong like any other single birth. 'In the uterus, they shared what was available, so, you don't expect them to have much weight. 'But interestingly, those weights, no matter how small they appear compared to single birth, they are still as strong as those single birt hs without any complication. 'Though they need to be observed after delivery, but they are doing well. Even if they weigh 1.5kg, they are still as strong as 3kg and above,'' he explained. The Doctor added that there would be need for the babies to be reviewed over time by the paediatrician to see how they were faring. Odera, while urging the nursing mother to eat well and rest, he advised her not to hesitate in coming back to the facility where the babies were delivered, in case of any issue. Source: News Agency of Nigeria