Water scarcity is the song of the day: Ya Ndakolo

Oshikoto Governor, Penda Ya Ndakolo, has urged contractors who are constructing roads in the region to drill boreholes and rehabilitate burrow pits into earth dams for their construction work. Ya Ndakolo said this during a courtesy visit from a representative of the Roads Authority (RA), Harley Simasiku, to the governor's office about the labour-based construction of the gravel district road (DR3654) of Omuthiya to Elambo in the Oshikoto Region on Tuesday in Omuthiya. Ya Ndakolo said that water scarcity is still an issue in the region, as a result contractors that are constructing roads and any other developmental infrastructure in the region should come up with their main water points. 'Water scarcity is the song of the day in some areas of the region so we encourage contractors not to use local water points as their main source of water but should drill their boreholes,' said Ya Ndakolo. He further said that when these contractors complete the road, they at least help solve the water problem by rehabili tating burrow pits into earth dams and drilling more boreholes in the region. Ya Ndakolo said this referring to the Eengodi Constituency which is mostly affected by water scarcity in the region compared to Okankolo and Nehale Lyampingana constituencies. The RA's Simasiku said the construction of the Omuthiya-Elambo district road will cost a total of N.dollars 178 million and it has a length of 58 kilometres and is expected to be completed within 24 months. Simasiku said the road will be expected to be constructed within the next few months - the tender is awarded. He said the proclaimed road will start at the junction with the B1 road in Omuthiya and follow the easterly direction to Elambo. 'A total 1.4 kilometres of the road till the railway will be constructed with bitumen while the rest of the earth track will be gravel,' said Simasiku. Simasiku also said that the affected land will be compensated and they will construct access points to Alweendo Combined School, Amweelo Primary School, and Onamishu Combined School. Source: The Namibia Press Agency