Suspected armed robbers steal N.dollars 305 987

WINDHOEK: The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Khomas Region are investigating an armed robbery incident after a group of five suspects allegedly robbed security guards who were collecting money from various companies at the Grove Mall in Windhoek on Wednesday. The stolen money, according to NamPol spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, amounts to N.dollars 305 987.50. 'It is alleged that three security officers who belong to Namibia Protection Service started collecting money from various companies at about 08h00 and at about 10h06, one officer went to collect two boxes of money from the Checkers shop, while the driver remained in the vehicle. On his way back, he put the boxes on the ground to open back of their vehicle. Suddenly he saw a group of five armed robbers approaching him armed with pistols and one AK47, who ordered him to lay down. The driver was also ordered to do the same,' Shikwambi said. The suspects used a white sedan with different government registration numbers as a get away vehicle. The security personnel did not sustain any injuries but their service pistols were stolen by the robbers in the process. Police investigations continue. Source: The Namibia Press Agency