Opuwo Town Council Re-elects Councillors, Maintains Leadership Structure

Opuwo - The Opuwo Town Council, in a recent meeting at the town council chambers, re-elected its councillors to their existing positions, maintaining the current leadership structure. The election, held on Tuesday, saw Rosa Mbinge-Tjeundo, a councillor from the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), retain her position as mayor after receiving an unopposed nomination from her party colleague, Kaare Lucuis Mupya.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Kasipo Kakondo, also a PDM councillor, will continue as Mbinge-Tjeundo's deputy. In addition to these appointments, Kaare Lucuis Mupya was re-elected as the chairperson of the management committee. PDM's Forester Matjiru Tjijahura and Swapo veteran Wilhelmine Nashihua also maintained their roles as additional members of the management committee.

The council will also see ongoing contributions from Swapo members Victorino Simon and Ruth Nderura, who will persist in their roles as regular council members. The swearing-in ceremony for the councillors was conducted by Opuwo district magistrate Eden Kuneni Amutenya.

In her acceptance speech, Mayor Mbinge-Tjeundo expressed her dedication to serving the residents of Opuwo. She emphasized her commitment to operate with diligence and integrity, focusing on unity and collaboration. The mayor acknowledged the challenges faced by the town, including issues related to water, land, and housing. She expressed confidence in the resilience of the Opuwo community to overcome these challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth and development.

Mbinge-Tjeundo further stated that her tenure as mayor would be characterized by transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. She vowed to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all residents and to ensure that Opuwo remains a community that its inhabitants are proud to call home.