Opuwo mourns Geingob with candlelight vigil

OPUWO: Hundreds of mourners gathered at Opuwo for a candlelight vigil in memory of President Hage Gottfried Geingob, who died on Sunday in Windhoek at the age of 82. The gathering was organised by the Opuwo Town Council and drew a large crowd who shared hymns, scriptures, and prayers. The majority of the speakers hailed Geingob as a kind leader who cared about the elderly, a passion he demonstrated by boosting the monthly pension grants and announcing another increase not long before his death. According to Tjivindikua Zatjindua, an Otjikako Traditional Authority councillor, Geingob was a staunch leader who believed in and pushed for the equitable distribution of the country's resources. Under Geingob, hunger and destitution among the less fortunate were lessened, he said. Opuwo Mayor Rosa Mbinge-Tjeundo lauded Geingob as an inspirational leader whose legacy reverberates through the nation's plans and who was devoted to the prosperity and togetherness of Namibians. She noted that Geingob's leadership wen t beyond rhetoric, laying the basis for Namibia's long-term prosperity. 'As we remember him tonight, let us not forget his commitment to the people. He served with a heart dedicated to all Namibians, irrespective of background or circumstances,' noted Mbinge-Tjeundo. In his pursuit of connection, Geingob walked among Namibians, touring and visiting all areas of Namibia, demonstrating his dedication to becoming a people's leader. 'As we light this candle in his memory, let us not only remember the man but also carry forward the torch of unity, prosperity and inclusivity that he so passionately lit. His legacy lives on in our hearts, and may his vision continue to guide Namibia towards a brighter future for generations to come,' Mbinge-Tjeundo concluded. Source: The Namibia Press Agency