Namibia endowed with sought-after minerals: Nghinamundova

WINDHOEK: Namibia's consul general in Cape Town, Selma Nghinamundova, has said Namibia is among the nations that possess some of the most sought-after minerals worldwide. 'Namibia remains one of the most prospective jurisdictions for lithium, graphite, cobalt, rare earth metals, and other minerals that are considered critical inputs in green technologies by many countries around the world,' she said during her address at the 'Investing in Africa' Mining Indaba in Cape Town on Wednesday. Nghinamundova, who spoke on behalf of Mines and Energy Minister Tom Alweendo, said Namibia is also endowed with natural wind and solar resources. 'It is among the most competitive destinations in the world with potential to become a producer and exporter of green hydrogen, reckoned to catalyse the decarbonisation of the planet,' she said. According to Nghinamundova, Namibia has seen a rise in interest in its critical minerals, which presents a chance to derive better value from its mineral resources for the benefit of the country. 'Just as any other country endowed with mineral resources, our goal is to add value to our minerals for viable projects. In this regard, Namibia has developed its Minerals Beneficiation Strategy to maximise benefits from its mineral resources,' she said. She told the delegates at the mining indaba that Namibia has a lot to offer as a country to invest in, applying the quadruple helix approach where government, industry, academia, and communities work together to address challenges pertinent to our context. 'The country's due regard to environmental, social, and governance factors is driving investor confidence in doing business in the Namibian minerals sector,' she said. The 'Investing in Africa' Mining Indaba started Monday and ends on Thursday. The Ministry of Mines and Energy in a statement said Namibia will during the indaba showcase the opportunities the country presents in the mining sector to a global audience of foremost thinkers in mining. Source: The Namibia Press Agency