Geingob was despised by some in Namibian politics: Kandjoze

GOBABIS: Director General of the National Planning Commission, Obeth Kandjoze said the late President Hage Geingob overcame numerous challenges in various political frays, especially before assuming the Presidency. Delivering a speech at a candlelight vigil held in Geingob's honour at Gobabis on Tuesday, Kandjoze said: 'Geingob was ridiculed, laughed at, he was not being believed at times and it seemed as if Namibia was closing in on him. He was the man in the arena, but despite it all, Geingob rose to the highest office.' Omaheke Region Governor Pijoo Nganate on his part described Geingob as someone who loved him dearly, who picked him up in a difficult time and who came back to liberate Namibia from apartheid South Africa. 'Hage is the man who came with the Namibian flag in this country, a sacrificial lamb. He was willing to come and be a sacrificed lamb. When you listened to his interview he also said even his ex-wife was asking him, 'Are you sure you need to do this?'. Namibia at the time, was having a very hostile environment and there came a tall man with a big flag. For Geingob, it was worth dying for this country,' Nganate expressed. According to Nganate, those who knew Geingob knew that if there was anything he loved so much, it was Namibia and its people. Source: The Namibia Press Agency