Anxinsec won two awards of the Top 100 of Cybersecurity Innovation Capability 2021 by ISC

BEIJING, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the middle of December 2021, initiated by Internet Security Conference (ISC), the award ceremony of Top 100 of Cybersecurity Innovation Capability 2021, also referred to as “Innovation Top 100”, was successfully concluded in both Beijing and Shanghai. ISC, founded in the Asia-Pacific region, is a global security summit with high specifications, wide radiation and far-reaching influence.

As one of the candidates, Anxinsec won the award of top 10 cybersecurity companies of innovation capability 2021, and its Memory Protection System was shortlisted for the top 100 products of innovation capability in endpoint security field. Additionally, as one of the cutting-edge forces among the top 10 companies entering the hall of fame for future digital security by ISC, Anxinsec will jointly leverage the future of cybersecurity innovation and comprehensively empower the digital transformation to high-quality development.

Meanwhile, in the recently-published 2021 China Digital Security Capability Map by one of the co-sponsors of Innovation Top 100- a credible and independent research agency in digital industry in China- Digital World Consulting, Anxinsec has been selected as the innovator in endpoint security field, the application scenarios of AD domain security and risk and threat assessment.

As a leading company of memory security and a delver in endpoint security, Anxinsec has always taken technological innovation as its core support of enterprise development, by taking the lead in adopting hardware virtualization and context behavior analysis to form three-dimensional protection in the application-layer, system-layer and hardware-layer. We build security defense for endpoints from the bottom layer, and it is well applied to attack and defense exercise, AD domain defense, memory Webshell defense and other scenarios.

Equipped with a strong expert service team and senior information security experts with more than 10 years of security service experience, Anxinsec provides clients with Regulatory and Standard Compliance Consultation, Compromise Assessment, Penetration Test and Red/Blue Team Test. By delivering those services, what we want to achieve is to help organizations comply with cybersecurity law and privacy protection regulations, prevent or mitigate legal and regulatory risks, build up brand credit and reputation, earn trust from customers and investors, and boost business performance.