Spain: Daesh Follower Arrested in Collaboration with DGST

The Spanish National Police announced, on Thursday, the arrest in Teulada (Alicante), of an individual for his presumed membership of the terrorist organization Daesh, during an operation carried out jointly with the Directorate General of Territorial Surveillance (DGST). 'The individual is accused of alleged participation in the crimes of integration of a terrorist organization, recruitment, indoctrination and apology for terrorism,' said the Spanish Police, in a statement. The investigation showed that this individual produced and distributed numerous publications in favor of the terrorist organization Daesh, intensifying the number and radicality of these publications in recent weeks, the same source added. It noted that the suspect had even produced his own pro-jihadist material in order to broadcast it openly on his social networks. According to the Spanish police, he was in regular contact with people already arrested for jihadist terrorism in Spain and Morocco, as well as with foreign terrorist fi ghters in the Syrian-Iraqi zone. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse