Seven Detained in Methanol Poisoning Case in Morocco’s Kenitra

The King's Attorney General at the Court of Appeal of Kenitra announced the detention of seven individuals under committal order and the placement of another under judicial supervision following a tragic incident where several people died after consuming a toxic substance in the region. The investigation was launched in response to reports on various websites and social media platforms about these deaths. The prosecution directed the competent judicial police of the Royal Gendarmerie to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, resulting in eight individuals being brought before the prosecution, the King's Attorney General pointed out in a press release. The investigation revealed that the victims had ingested a toxic alcoholic substance identified as "methanol." This led to the deaths of some individuals, while others received necessary medical treatment and were discharged from hospital. Some victims remain under medical care. The investigation findings indicated that suspects acquired the methanol from concentrated alcohol vendors and supplied it to some traffickers, who then sold the substance to guests at a party, resulting in severe pain and the subsequent deaths of some attendees. Based on these findings, the prosecution requested a thorough investigation into the individuals suspected of deliberately distributing the harmful substance that caused fatalities and physical incapacitation. Following preliminary interrogations, the investigating judge ordered the detention of seven suspects and placed one under judicial supervision for further investigation. The prosecution has committed to closely monitoring the case's progress and ensuring the strict enforcement of the law throughout the legal process. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse