Road Accidents Claim 29 Lives in Morocco’s Urban Areas over Past Week (DGSN)

Rabat - Twenty-nine people were killed and 2,760 injured, 115 of them seriously, in the 2,042 road accidents that occurred in urban areas on May 20-26, according to the General Directorate for National Security (DGSN). These accidents were mainly due to drivers' inattention, failure to give priority, pedestrians' inattention, failure to keep a safe distance and speeding, among others, DGSN pointed out in a press release. With regard to the control and repression of the traffic offenses, the security services drew up 41,428 tickets 7,350 reports submitted to te public prosecutor's office, while 34,078 transactional fines were collected, according to the same source. The sums collected from these fines added up to 7,471,925 dirhams, according to a statement, which also mentioned the impounding of 4,263 vehicles, the seizure of 7,350 documents and the withdrawl of 264 vehicules from circulation. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse