Q9 launches YIELD, Dual Cryptocurrency Products

High yielding, short maturity crypto products with up to 200% APY on BTC, ETH and USDC

HONG KONG, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Q9 Capital, a crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions, today announced the launch of YIELD allowing clients to monetise their market view on crypto and earn attractive premiums.

YIELD provides clients with an easy way to enter the market within their preferred parameters in exchange for a premium.

Often known as dual currency products (DCPs), these investments provide unique and customisable contracts where investors decide their preferred strike price, yield and maturity period at inception. Investors benefit from knowing their yield upfront with a pre-determined premium, and depending on whether the market price is above or below your strike price at maturity, they receive their proceeds in BTC or USDC. Yields typically range from 40% to 200% APR and can be rolled at maturity.

With interest rates on traditional bank deposits close to zero, investors are now increasingly looking for yield elsewhere in alternative asset classes like cryptocurrencies.

Launched in early 2021, Q9 has now developed one of the broadest product sets in crypto globally. The addition of DCIs further expands and complements Q9’s integrated offering which includes Spot and Leveraged Trading, Custody and Earn.

James Quinn, Managing Partner of Q9, elaborates, “YIELD is a major building block in the development of the Q9 platform. We are incredibly excited to expand our suite of innovative crypto products and 2022 is promising to be a strong year of growth for the platform on the back of this launch”.

DCIs are a non-principal protected structured product with an enhanced yield involving two different cryptocurrencies. Upon subscription, you select the underlying crypto asset, subscription amount, yield and delivery date. Your return will be denominated in the deposit currency or alternate currency, depending on market conditions.

Q9 YIELD is available to international investors and there is no minimum commitment for account opening. For residents of Hong Kong these products are only available for accredited investors.

About Q9 Capital

Q9 Capital is a full-service crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions. We combine innovative products and personalised service to deliver a simple and safe solution for crypto investing. Our best in class products, performance analytics and systematic investment offerings provide investors with the tools they need to accumulate assets, maximize returns and generate income from their crypto investments.