NSI takes Metrology Act to Omaheke

The Namibian Standards Institution on Tuesday, during their stakeholder awareness campaign, engaged representatives of the Omaheke Region on the newly enacted Metrology Act, Act 5 of 2022. The meeting at Gobabis attracted stakeholders from government institutions and business people including farmers from the region, with the aim of creating awareness of the new Act before its implementation. Omaheke Regional Governor Pijoo Nganate, who was the keynote speaker, highlighted the importance of the new Act to Omaheke as a region and how it will transform the regional economy to the benefit of its people, especially farmers. 'Metrology encompasses the principles in our daily lives, from the weight of the cattle we raise to the distance our goods travel across borders. Metrology ensures that these measurements are accurate, reliable and standardised,' he noted. Nganate furthermore indicated that because the region is known for its cattle farming, precision in measurement is crucial. 'Accurate measurements of l ivestock health, feed quantities and milk production are crucial for maximising productivity and ensuring animal welfare. The new Metrology Act will provide farmers with the tools and standards necessary to make informed decisions and optimise their farming practices, leading to increased efficiency and profitability,' Nganate said. The governor urged all stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the new Act and embrace the opportunities it will present in the region and the country at large. 'This legislation is more than just numbers and standards, it is about ensuring a bright and prosperous future for our livestock farming and industrial community,' he said. Simasiku Matali, the head of metrology at the Namibian Standards Institution indicated that the new Act is aimed at informing and capacitating the nation on changes to the metrology legal framework. On administration and enforcement related matters, he also shared that they are engaging all stakeholders in the 14 regions of Namibia. 'The Act cam e at a time when Namibia is experiencing a growing need for accelerated metrology services and regulatory framework as a result of domestic and international market access,' he said. Source: The Namibia Press Agency