Morocco: Methanol Poisoning Claims 8 Lives (Regional Health Department)

Rabat - The number of victims of the methanol poisoning that recently occurred in the commune of Sidi Allal Tazi (province of Kenitra) has reached 8 deaths, said, on Wednesday, the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra Regional Directorate of Health and Social Protection. 'Some 114 cases of methanol poisoning were recorded, from Monday at 6:00 pm to Wednesday at 8:00 am in the commune of Sidi Allal Tazi, and confirmed in the laboratory by the Moroccan Anti-Poison and Pharmacovigilance Center (CAPM) in Rabat,' the same source said in a statement. According to the Regional Directorate, the consumption of this substance exposed these people to serious complications of intoxication, resulting in the death of eight of them, seven of them at the El Idrissi provincial hospital in Kenitra, while another death was recorded at the Zoubeir Skirej hospital in Souk El Arbaa du Gharb. '81 other cases are under medical supervision in the region's various hospitals. These include 28 cases at the El Idrissi provincial hospital in Kenitra, t hree of whom are admitted to the intensive care unit. 38 people have left the hospital following an improvement in their state of health", the same source added. In addition, "40 cases were admitted to the Moulay Youssef Regional Hospital Center in Rabat, two of which were placed in the intensive care unit. The latter two are undergoing, with 20 other cases, hemodialysis treatments at the Hemodialysis Center at the University Hospital Ibn Sina of Rabat, following complications linked to the consumption of this substance. 'As soon as it was informed of this tragic incident, the Regional Management mobilized its medical and nursing staff, as well as the resources and equipment needed to provide care for those affected, in cooperation with the various authorities and stakeholders, in addition to mobilizing the medical managers and teams placed on alert', according to the statement. 'All necessary resources have been mobilized to receive new cases at the region's health facilities, while close coordination is being established with local authorities to identify any cases that may have made their way to the region's health centers and hospitals', the source stressed. The Regional Directorate urges 'citizens in the province of Kenitra to report any similar cases and refer them directly to the nearest health facility in order to receive appropriate care and avoid any serious health complications'. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse