Morocco, Leading Strategic Partner (Belgian PM)

Rabat - Morocco is a leading strategic partner for Belgium, said, on Monday in Rabat, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. "Morocco is a leading and crucial strategic partner, to which we are linked by long-standing, strong and diverse relations", stressed De Croo, in a speech at the opening of the 3rd Moroccan-Belgian High Joint Partnership Commission. He noted that this meeting confirms "the common will to raise the relationship between the two countries to its full potential", adding that "there are so many things that Morocco and Belgium can do together". "We live in a complicated world, and we face challenges that are extremely difficult for any country to manage on its own", he stressed, pointing out that "having good friends is the best guarantee of prosperity, security and stability for our people". In this respect, De Croo noted that Morocco and Belgium "are good friends", underlining that "the two countries have shown the potential to work together in recent months". This process of politi cal dialogue continues and is consolidated today by the holding of this meeting in a climate of renewed confidence, he added, expressing the wish to see the partnership between the two countries strengthen further and reach its full potential in areas of common interest. The Belgian Prime Minister also recalled that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the 1964 agreement on the Moroccan workforce in Belgium, noting that "today, more than 5% of the Belgian population has family ties with Morocco, and these people are a valuable asset for Belgium. They are an integral part of national life, active in many fields and contributing to Belgium's diverse wealth". Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse