Individual Arrested in Tangier for Cocaine Possession, Large Sums of Money Seized

Members of the Tangier prefectural judicial police successfully seized, on Friday morning, five kilograms of cocaine and large sums of money linked to illegal drug trafficking. According to a security source, the investigation into this case led to the arrest of an individual involved in drug trafficking. He was found in possession of five kilograms of cocaine and a vehicle suspected of being used for transporting and trafficking drugs. Further searches related to the case resulted in the discovery of significant amounts of money, totaling approximately 8.5 million dirhams, along with another sum in European currency. These funds are believed to be proceeds from the trafficking of hard drugs. The suspect has been placed in police custody as part of the ongoing judicial investigation under the supervision of the relevant public prosecutor's office. Meanwhile, efforts to apprehend other individuals involved in the case are underway. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse