HM the King Congratulates Narendra Modi on Inauguration as India’s PM for Third Term

His Majesty King Mohammed VI sent a message of congratulations to Narendra Modi, on the occasion of his inauguration as Prime Minister of the Republic of India for a third term. In this message, HM the King extends His warmest congratulations to Modi, on the occasion of his inauguration at the head of the government of the Republic of India, following the victory of his party 'Bharatiya Janata' in the legislative elections, wishing him continued success in his lofty mission to promote progress and prosperity for the benefit of the friendly Indian people. The Sovereign takes this opportunity to express His deep satisfaction with the rapidly developing relations rooted in friendship and mutual esteem, reaffirming His determination to work together with Modi to strengthen the special ties between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of India, and to extend the close cooperation between the two countries to various other sectors, 'as this would consolidate our strategic partnership and help us serve our peop les' shared interests'. His Majesty the King also expresses His sincere congratulations to Modi and wishes him continued good health and happiness. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse