Athletes Commission to implement skills gained in Zimbabwe

WINDHOEK: The recently concluded Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) Zone Six Athletes Forum equipped Namibia's Athletes Commission leadership with skills it is eager to implement.

The ANOCA Zone Six workshop was held in Zimbabwe over the weekend of 12 April 2024 and the event attracted 20 athletes commission chairpersons and their deputies from 10 Southern African countries.

In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, Gaby Ahrens, the former chairperson of the Namibia Athletes Commission and the current ANOCA Athletes Commission Continental Chairperson, said the forum was aimed at educating commissioners on safeguarding athletes' rights and interests.

'Discussions centred around the effective implementation of athletes' declarations to promote integrity and fairness in sports. They also looked at the significance of fostering open communication channels, building strong relationships between stakeholders and driving positive change in the sporting community,' Ahrens said.

The former Olympian added that the Namibia Athletics Commission leadership gained skills that will be used to educate athletes and mend relations in sports.

'Maike Diekmann, the chairperson of the Namibia Athletes Commission along with vice-chairperson Romeo Goliath attended the engagement. Their team is currently establishing activities and strategic plans for the coming years using the skills gained at the forum,' said Ahrens.

She stated that the first task after returning from Zimbabwe for the commissioners is to engage with athletes, the National Olympic Committee, and the different National Sports Federations.

'What the Namibian Athletes Commission has to focus on now is implementing athletes' declarations, and highlighting the importance of communication, relationship-building and strategic planning in sports governance,' she said.

Ahrens told this agency that the Namibia Athletes Commission travels to Zimbabwe and all their yearly projects are funded by the Olympic Solidarity.

Apart from Ahrens, Diekmann and Goliath the secretary general of the Namibia National Olympic Committee and ANOCA Zone Six, Joan Smit also attended the event.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency