11-year old student urges effective use of natural resources

Miss Oluwateniola Olowoporoku, an 11-year old pupil on Friday called for concerted efforts towards effective management of the nation's natural resources. She made the call in Abuja during sensitisation tagged 'Head Girl Initiative Capacity Building' which she organised in partnership with Springhall British Primary School Abuja. An initiative with the theme: 'Natural Resources Governance', is meant to educate students on importance of protecting the nation's natural resources. 'Our school has always been a beacon of knowledge and leadership, and today we embark on a journey that reinforces our commitment to sustainability and responsible stewardship of our environment. 'Nigeria is blessed with so many natural resources like trees, water, minerals, and even fresh air. They're super important because they help us live our lives every day. 'We use trees to make paper for our books, water to drink and grow food, and minerals to make things like cars and phones. 'But here's the thing, these resources aren' t endless, that means we have to be careful about how we use them. And that's where natural resource governance comes in'', she said. Olowoporoku said the Head Girl initiative was aimed encouraging young persons' participation in protecting God-given natural resources Mrs Juliet Ukanwosu, Executive Director Extractive 360 in a presentation on, 'All about Natural Resources in Nigeria', urged more sensitisation of young persons on effective use of resources. Ukanwosu explained that the knowledge the children had received in the course of the programme would go a long way to shape their adulthood and prepare them for desired leadership roles in the future. See also Federal polytechnic in Ebonyi to identify ghost workers 'The amount of values and knowledge that we impact on them is what will shape the adult and the leaders that they will become tomorrow 'So it's important that we begin to catch them young and to imbibe in them the right values and the right knowledge as they grow,' she said. Mrs Etareri De kpe, Olowoporoku's mother, expressed gladness over daughter's passion to share her knowledge with her peers and school mates. 'Anything natural resources is my sector However, she is inquisitive about natural resources; their uses, among others. 'She came up with the idea to also extend the knowledge to her school mates and I said why not, she created the whole road map for the initiative. 'I just had to help her as her mother by sponsoring it,' she said. Source: News Agency of Nigeria